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Walter Prescott Webb

The late Walter Prescott Webb, acclaimed historian at the University of Texas, and author of The Great Plains who first understood the unique nature of the American West.

Dan Flores

Dan Flores, a worthy successor of Webb and author of Caprock Canyonlands which identified the unique nature of the Texas Canyonlands.

Folsom Bell

Folsom Bell, visionary of the Brazos River Canyonlands and architect of Impossible Canyon Ranch, Royston Ranch, Mountain View Ranch and Gyp Springs Ranch. With each ranch Folsom combines his vision of the land with his great enthusiasm to preserve and enhance a unique place of natural beauty and to nurture and conserve its habitat, water and wildlife in the spirit of Aldo Leopold's ”Land Ethic.“

Scott Bourland

Scott Bourland, who became my able collaborator amd tied all the ideas, art and photography together to create He saw through his camera lenses both the beauty and wildness of this land. In placing the text, art, maps and photography on the website, he blended the colors, shapes and forms to transform the website and each of its pages into pieces of art.

Scott's technical abilities in designing the interface for the website and his working “under the hood” steered the site to unanticipated destinations. Through delightful coincidences, Scott's family roots are in this area of West Texas, he studied under Dan Flores as a student at Texas Tech University and he shares my enthusiasm and affection for this land.